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Northern Metrology - Scotland's leading measurement and inspection specialists.

Prompted by growing demands for product demonstration from potential customers, we have recently relocated to a larger demonstration facility in the EKGTA building, East Kilbride.

Our impressive new showroom will host demonstrations of the Baty International's range of 2D and 3D vision Measuring systems, Aberlink Coordinate Measuring Machine's, Romer measuring arms Gagemaker products and the renowned Bowers Metrology collection of gauges. In addition to being the world's leading bore gauge manufacturer, the comprehensive Bowers range covers most aspects of shop floor measurement and material testing.

Northern Metrology owner, Tony Smith explained "As our customer base encompasses extremely demanding Inspection and Quality Control professionals, across a range of industries, including the challenging Oil and Gas sector, we supply only the highest standard of products". This policy has resulted in Northern Metrology becoming the measuring instrument supplier of choice to a wide range of customers throughout Scotland and the North of England.

Our new, well stocked resource will allow all of our potential customers to witness in-depth demonstrations of high-precision measuring routines undertaken on their own parts before making purchasing decision.

Recent Achievement:

Northern Metrology 'Demonstrating' Success

Northern Metrology recently celebrated the installation of their 100th Aberlink Coordinate Measuring Machine. Commenting on this impressive company milestone, company owner, Tony Smith enthused, “As we deal with the most demanding of customers - Inspection and Quality Control professionals - Northern Metrology’s philosophy of promoting only the highest standard of products, has enabled us to become the gauge supplier of choice to industry throughout Scotland and the North of England. We are particularly proud to represent the largest UK owned CMM manufacturer, Aberlink. As a result of our enthusiastic promoting of the brand and the growing reputation of Aberlink’s cost effective CMM’s, we have achieved the remarkable landmark of 100 Aberlink CMM installations throughout Scotland.

Impressed by Northern Metrology’s performance, Aberlink’s Sales Director Gavin Bailey said. “To have achieved 100 Aberlink CMM sales in a relatively short time is a remarkable achievement. Much of this exceptional sales success is due to the sheer enthusiasm Tony Smith shows for our products. As we now have such a broad base of happy Aberlink CMM users, across Scotland and the North of England, we are reaping the benefits of further sales by referral and of users purchasing second machines.”

Case Studies:

Express Engineering Choose Northern Metrology

From its manufacturing plant located in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, Express Engineering specialises in the production of high quality, precision machined components.

As a provider of CNC machining, precision engineering and specialist solutions, Express Engineering operates across a number of industries but is a premier supplier to the oil and gas, aerospace, defence and power generation sectors. Having recently invested in three large capacity machining centres and associated ancillary equipment, to enable the company to undertake new contracts within the burgeoning, renewable energy sector, Express Engineering is now able to machine a range of parts of up to 2m in diameter, weighing up to 8 tonnes.

Express Engineering’s managing director, Nigel Davison, elaborates: “In the medium to long term, we expect that our planned increase in business will largely depend on our ability to manufacture large complex parts from difficult to machine materials and in our capacity to strengthening our position in industry specific supply chains – such as oil and gas, renewable energy and aerospace. To realise these company objectives and help maintain our current competitive advantage, we have recently made a number of significant changes to our business.”

He continues: “Having previously been operating at full capacity, the first phase of our expansion programme – an 18,000ft² factory extension – means that we now have room to grow. To ensure the quality of the output from our large capacity horizontal machining centre, having examined the alternatives, we purchased a Hexagon, Romer Sigma Measuring Arm and Aberlink 3D software.

“Mindful of the size of the components to be measured, and their demanding tolerances, we consulted Northern Metrology and owner Tony Smith suggested employing a combination of two complementary technologies – 2.5m Romer Sigma Measuring Arm, linked to Aberlink 3D measuring software. Now fully employed, the new combination is proving both easy to use and able to meet our stringent geometric part accuracy specifications".

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Aberlink Help keep the ‘Q’ in Q-Mass

When Q-Mass commenced trading as a sub contract machining business in early 2006, it was clear that mindful of the established competition serving the demanding Oil and Gas industry, the fledgling business needed to provide something different to become successful. With the new company’s main focus concentrated on the quality of its work, the owners of Q-Mass (Quality Manufacturing and Supply Solutions) knew that they had to deliver consistently high-quality, added value components, on time and at a competitive price.

To enable the company’s ambitious objectives to be realised, Q-Mass recruited a strong team of people whose array of abilities encompassed all of the required technical skills. The company also invested in a variety of state-of the-art machine tools. The early success of Q-Mass proved the founding principles of the company to be correct. Further continuous investment has resulted in Q-Mass becoming regarded as one of the most capable UK machine shops serving the Oil and Gas industry.

Now operating from a modern 30,000 square feet manufacturing plant in Central Scotland, much of Q-Mass's work is related to new product development, where the technology required by the oil industry means increasingly complex designs need to be manufactured. These intricate parts, including gun drilling and hydraulic ports, frequently include complex geometries, tight tolerances, and are often characterised by challenging lead times.

To ensure the highest standards of components being delivered to its customers, in addition to thorough 'in process' inspection procedures being carried out, painstaking final inspection routines are undertaken on all of Q-Mass’s output. Prompted by the growing complexity of Q-Mass’s output and the increasing size of components manufactured by the company, a recent search for a large volume Coordinate Measuring Machine was undertaken.

Company owner, Ronnie Robertson explained. “It is no coincidence that the ‘Q’ of Q-Mass stands for ‘Quality’. Having set-out to found our company ethos on the quality of the work we undertake, we have now firmly established our reputation through the high standards of our output".

“To enable the precise measurement of our ever more complex parts and to allow the inspection of our increasingly larger components, we recently carried out a search for a large capacity Coordinate Measuring Machine. After considering the alternative machines, we purchased a Zenith Too CNC CMM from Northern Metrology. Following training on the new Aberlink CMM, our inspectors have been able to master the machine’s relatively simple controls and Aberlink’s intuitive measuring software".

In addition to our new CMM’s generous XYZ measuring envelope of 40" x 60" x 32", that is able to accommodate our larger parts, the Zenith Too’s ease of use and comprehensive capability ensures that even our most demanding of parts can be inspected with high levels of accuracy.

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